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We are creators who deliver visual journalism projects in cooperation with both commercial and non-commercial partners. We have over 20 years’ experience and, over that time, have won many prestigious awards.


Selfies from the War

Three stories of people most closely associated with the war against the so-called Islamic State. They show us their present lives in a manner we can easily understand. The result was this series of 360-degree selfies. 1st prize, category News and reportage, video...

Through the Eyes of the Peshmerga

An internet project which, using photographs and videos, tells the stories of various generations of Peshmerga fighting against Islamic State. We visited them Iraq, directly on the frontlines near the cities of Kirkuk, Mosul, and Sinjar. eyesofpeshmerga.org...

Jessika’s Day-To-Day Life

Businesses offering erotic shows and even sexual services are part of the night life in many cities, as are darkened amusement arcades with the flashing eyes of fruit machines. But there are few places where the world of go-go dancers, prostitutes, gamblers, and...

One Blood Project

The One Blood Project follows young talented people in countries where it is not easy to be creative. We documented the stories of break-dancers in the Gaza Strip, parkour tracers in Afghanistan, a graffiti artist in Iraq, a rapper from the slums of Uganda, a...

About us


Jarmila Štuková

Since 2005, Jarmila has focused on countries impacted by war, poverty, or social problems. She has documented child prostitution in Ethiopia, the life of the socially disadvantaged in Sierra Leone, the Haiti earthquake, acid attacks in India, girls victim to breast ironing in Cameroon, violence against women in Afghanistan, and the war against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, as well as other topics. She also works with respected authors on prevention and photographic campaigns illustrating the life of the disabled, be they Paralympic athletes or burns victims. She has won twelve awards in the Czech Press Photo competition.

We also carry out non-profit projects funded by the Lonely Base association

LONELYBASE z.s. manages non-profit projects in the Czech Republic and abroad. The association is currently engaged in activities associated with burns, primarily via the internet platform, Burn Fighters. It also works with the non-profit organisation, Bolíto, in the area of prevention and assistance to child burns and scalding victims.


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