The Expulsion of Gerta Schnirch

The Expulsion of Gerta Schnirch project combines a variety of forms to depict the expulsion of German inhabitants from Czechoslovakia that took place from 1945 to 1947. The aim of combining fiction, theatre, and web platforms is to present the issues, conflicts, suffering, and primarily the controversy, of this historical event in the most appropriate way.

In the absence of any innovative depictions of the expulsion of the Germans, Jarmila Štuková decided to use unconventional web pages to present this subject matter. She invited artists Patrik Singer and Ondřej Karásek to assist with the visual elements, and she worked closely on the content with David Sogel, a historian and German Studies specialist from the Charles University Faculty of Arts.

Partners: Bolíto z.s., Nadace ČEZ, FarielWorks, Creative Embassy, Brainz Studios